DJ Patrick Saccoccia performing at Fort Lauderdale nightclubs

DJ Patrick Saccoccia performing at Fort Lauderdale nightclubs

Creator of DJ Patrick Saccoccia moved to South Florida in 1995. In 1996, Patrick’s nightclub EDM DJ shows took place at dozens of locations including Nikki Beach at the world famous Penrod’s Nightclub in South Beach Miami, Christopher’s Nightclub …the longest running nightclub in Fort Lauderdale…

Christopher's nightclub with DJ Patrick Saccoccia

Christopher’s nightclub with DJ Patrick Saccoccia

Video clip of Christophers Nightclub Fort Lauderdale GNO interview with DJ Patrick live via South Florida’s Pure Dance Channel Party 93.1 in 2003


DJ Patrick also played at Blue Martini in West Palm Beach, Sun on the Beach Nightclub in Kissimmee, Hot Chocolates Nightclub in Fort Lauderdale, Atlantis Nightclub in Fort Lauderdale, Baja Beach Club in Fort Lauderdale, and Septembers Nightclub in Fort Lauderdale… and more.

EDM light show

Florida Disc Jockeys light show

In 2015, Patrick put aside the nightclub DJ gigs. He utilized his time and energy for audio and video production online, since the internet is now becoming the main way we all socialize and get entertainment.

FloridaDiscJockeys_com WUB WUB WUB

Back in 2011, DJ Patrick built our internet radio station from the ground up by carefully handpicking and reviewing each song choice from his DJ collection. Then, he uploaded each of those tracks to his station server on the worldwide web.  After programming in the tracks, DJ Patrick produced recordings in the studio creating several radio station identifications and station promos. Those recordings were then also uploaded onto the station server.

In 2012, our radio station was launched and accumulated a massive number of subscribers. What’s coming next? Bookmark this website now, because something extraordinary is about to launch here online, and available to you…   🙂 😆

DJ Patrick Saccoccia as a teenager ...his first DJ picture

DJ Patrick Saccoccia as a teenager …his first DJ picture

“Here, we only enjoy the BEST dance classics Miami-style!”  —Patrick Saccoccia